ESPN's Louis Riddick goes all-in with bold prediction about the 2023 Detroit Lions

ESPN's Lous Riddick is high on the Detroit Lions this season, but now he has gone all-in with a bold prediction.
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Louis Riddick has not hidden how good he thinks the Detroit Lions can be this year, but now he has gone all the way in with a bold prediction.

All offseason, ESPN analyst Louis Riddick has been in on the 2023 Detroit Lions. From a rant on "The Rich Eisen Show" in May to further back tabbing them as Super Bowl contenders, the ESPN analyst, as Jeremy Reisman of Pride of Detroit said, may be the conductor of the Lions bandwagon. He's also not all that concerned about the Lions' receiving corps without Jameson Williams.

On "Get Up" Thursday morning, with quotes courtesy of Pride of Detroit, Riddick let down any guard he had left and went all-in on the 2023 Lions. He said more, mostly about Jared Goff, but let's just get to the punch line right away.

"Look, I believe Detroit is poised to make a huge, huge leap this year and be a major, major player in the postseason. And one of the primary reasons, (Mike) Greeny, is because I believe–we talk about it all the time–situations dictate player performances as much as they themselves. Jared Goff has found the situation for him now. And I think he’s going to take another step this year, and you’re going to see it manifest itself in them being in the NFC title game.”"

Louis Riddick

Louis Riddick apparently decided it was best to just go all-in on how good he thinks the Detroit Lions can be this year

The Lions last appeared in the NFC Championship Game in 1991. Their last playoff win also came that year, in the Divisional Round over the pre-dynasty Dallas Cowboys before they lost to Washington in that conference title game.

Riddick may or may not have been the first national NFL analyst to be high on the Lions for this year. But he has truly been the loudest, for months, taking every opportunity he can to declare his praise. And with this bold prediction, he's officially all-in on Dan Campbell's team.

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