Lions were literally not going to let DJ Reader leave town without a deal

The Lions took not letting DJ Reader leave town without a deal in place to another level.
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As the initial wave of free agent signings started to subside, news came the Detroit Lions were going to have defensive tackle DJ Reader in for an old school-style visit. Reader agreed to terms that same day, on a two-year deal, $22 million deal (reportedly worth up to $27.25 million).

It was clear the team did not want to let him leave without a deal in place. That part isn't uncommon in free agency after a visit, but the situation with Reader and the Lions was unique.

Reader was on the "Up and Adams Show" with Kay Adams on Tuesday. He of course talked about signing with the Lions, and more specifically his visit.

Reader talked about the good vibe he instantly got, including Dan Campbell's handshake ("super-strong grip"). Reader also said Campbell told him he's a "missing piece" for the Lions.

Lions literally were not going to let DJ Reader leave without signing him

Reader revealed just how committed the Lions were to signing him.

"I wasn’t there yet. They only booked a one-way flight on my visit, so they was really trying to get this done," Reader said. "I kept asking my agent, ‘When am I gonna get a flight home?’ I look at the itinerary, I’m like, ‘There’s got to be a flight home.’ And then I kept asking my agent, ‘When are they gonna book the flight home.’ He said they said they’re gonna book it."

"It’s like five in the afternoon and I ain’t go no flight back to the crib. I’ve been up here since eight and I ain’t got no flight back, they’re really trying to get this done," Reader continued. "He’s like, ‘It don’t seem like they’re trying to let you out this building.’ I was walking by one door and some dude shouted out, ‘We ain’t letting you out this building until we get this deal done.’"

"I don't know who it was, I didn’t even look in the door when he said it, but all I can remember is those words being said as I walked by. It was cool, though," Reader said. "It feels amazing to be wanted, man, that’s the biggest thing. That’s all somebody wants."

The Lions only booking him a one-way flight clearly made Reader a little nervous heading into his visit, and well into the day he spent at Allen Park. But he ultimately felt right at home with the team what wanted badly to be his new team, and it worked out well for both sides.


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