Lions somehow land on list of top potential landing spots for Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs may be angling for a way out of Buffalo, but the Lions don't really make sense as a potential landing spot.
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In 2020, Stefon Diggs essentially tweeted his way to being traded by the Minnesota Vikings. He went to the Buffalo Bills of course, where he has been one of the most productive receivers in the NFL over the last four seasons.

But Diggs' production definitely trended way down as last season progressed, pretty much in line with Joe Brady stepping in as offensive coordinator and the Bills running the ball more. So it has been easy to wonder if it's that time again for Diggs, and maybe he'll try to angle for a trade.

Diggs is, metaphorically of course with social media posts and sometimes his actions, the guy who stands with an empty gas can and matchbook in his hand, then wonders why there's a fire. So after he tweeted this on March 15, he'd say it was not related to his thoughts about his playing future.

But his history speaks for itself. His Twitter background is also now a photo appearing to show him waiving goodbye.

On the heels of that, there's been plenty of speculation about teams who may have interest in Diggs. If the Bills were to trade him, barring a restructuring of his contract, it would be a post-June 1 move now that his $18.5 million base salary for this year is fully guaranteed. That $18.5 million salary would of course go with him to a team he is traded to, if he is traded.

Lions somehow land as top potential landing spot for Stefon Diggs

Nick Faria of Pro Football Network has made a list of five potential landing spots. The Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals and the Lions.

"A contending team that needs a wideout to pair with a stable quarterback and budding outside receiver? You can certainly count the Detroit Lions as an organization that may be interested in bringing in a talent like Diggs."

"Jared Goff is coming off an excellent season and led Detroit to the conference championship for the first time in decades. The Lions should do everything possible to maximize their championship window — even if it means moving some cap space and draft room around."

The Lions are in a championship/Super Bowl window right now, even if one talking head on ESPN thinks they've already missed it. So there's something to be said for maximizing that window this offseason. And a talent like Diggs has a place on most any team with high aspirations that's looking to get over the last hump to the Super Bowl.

But to only mention Diggs' talent level is to conveniently leave out the other part of the picture. There's always a specter of him trying to force a trade; this is not the first time during his time as a Bill that it's been out there. His relationship with the team took a weird turn last summer when he was asked to leave the building on the first day of mandatory minicamp. Then a season where his involvement was reduced as it went along followed.

The Lions value their culture and players who fit into it just as much as the talent level of said players. Diggs' talent level can't be denied, but he epitomizes the term "diva wide receiver". He and Dan Campbell would no doubt mix like oil and water, not to mention all the costs attached to acquiring him.

We can never say never with any of these kind of things. But Diggs probably wouldn't want to land in Detroit, and the Lions are unlikely to have any interest at all.


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