Lions not yet getting full cap relief involved in releasing Cameron Sutton

It may be an ultimate formality, but the Lions aren't yet getting the full cap relief from releasing Cameron Sutton.
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Upon releasing cornerback Cameron Sutton after he was charged with domestic battery, the Detroit Lions made it a post-June 1 designation to spread the salary cap impact out over two years. That of course recently became official, adding $10.5 million in cap space for them pending approval of the attempt to void all of Sutton's guaranteed salary for this year.

Updated information from the NFLPA and Over The Cap shows salary cap information that's a little shy of the initial, albeit unofficial, updates right after June 1 for the Lions. The approval of voiding Sutton's full 2024 salary is pending, as noted previously.

As is his right and easily expected, per Jason Fitzgerald of Over The Cap, Sutton has filed or plans to file a grievance regarding the Lions' decision to void his guaranteed salary for 2024.

Per Article 13, Section 5, subsection e of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, regarding grievances, 40 percent ($4.2 million) of Sutton's contested salary goes back on the Lions' books as dead money until a decision is made at the arbitration hearing or until the end of the league year (whichever comes first).

Updated Detroit Lions salary cap space without full void of Cameron Sutton's salary

The NFLPA report has the Lions with $35,962,174 in cap space. Over The Cap shows them with $34,586,715 in cap space. This week's signing of kicker Jake Bates reduced the Lions' cap space a little bit.

Given the nature of the allegations against Sutton, even with the charge downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor, it feels like a formality he will be found to have violated the NFL's code of conduct and have his full salary voided. If Sutton wins the grievance hearing, there's a chance the Lions will have to pay him more than the $4.2 million that's currently being held.

Sutton signed a one-year, $1.21 million deal to go back to the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he spent his first six NFL seasons, earlier this month. As Jeff Risdon of Lions Wire pointed out, it's unclear if there is any offset that would benefit the Lions. But if there is any offset, it would be pretty minimal.

So the Lions will be on the hook for $4.2 million of Sutton's previously guaranteed salary for 2024, until there's a decision regarding the attempt to void all $10.5 million. In terms of cap space more is always better, but the Lions are still in very good shape no matter how Sutton's grievance turns out.