Lions may wind up keeping both of their coordinators as head coach openings dwindle

With only two head coaching openings left, it looks like the Detroit Lions may wind up keeping both of their coordinators.

Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn were both in-demand for head coaching interviews in this cycle, as expected. The leagues rules about interviews, which still need more work, has compressed and extended the window for them to do virtual and in-person interviews, as they've been preparing for playoff games.

The Atlanta Falcons were one of two teams, along with the Washington Commanders, who requested in-person interviews with Johnson and Glenn this week. Those can take place next week.

As Bill Belichick seemed to fade as a candidate for the Falcons, they hired Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris as their new head coach on Thursday.

The Carolina Panthers, who have been tied to Johnson again, have hired Buccaneers' offensive coordinator Dave Canales as their new head coach. Johnson was not known to have a second interview scheduled with the Panthers.

So now, there are two head coaching jobs available. The Commanders, who are well-known to be coveting Johnson and as mentioned want to have an in-person interview with Glenn when they can. And the Seahawks, who were among the six teams to request a first interview with Johnson but did not submit a request to interview Glenn.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Commanders and Seahawks will not be making their hires until next week-as expected at this point.

Detroit Lions may end up keeping both of their coordinators

if Johnson is really is the Commanders' No. 1 guy, interviewing him in-person may be a formality before hiring him. But they are also set to have a second in-person interview with Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn next week.

The Seahawks have not requested to interview Johnson in-person, at least yet as of Friday morning, and they never talked to Glenn. So that job was never in play for Glenn, and it's basically out of play for Johnson.

The Commanders are not stopping their search to wait for Johnson. That could be meaningful, an attempted smokescreen or simple due diligence in case Johnson turns them down.

It was hard to see that coming at the start of his hiring cycle, but it's moving quickly toward happening. If the Commanders don't hire Johnson, with a seemingly faint chance they'd pivot to Glenn, both of the Lions' coordinators will be back next season.


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