Lions left tackle Taylor Decker talks about his injury, says he intends to play vs. Packers

After missing the last two games, Lions left tackle Taylor Decker talked in detail about his injury and said he plans to return against the Packers Thursday night.
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After the Detroit Lions' Week 1 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, left tackle Taylor Decker was spotted in a walking boot leaving the locker room. It was revealed he had played much of the game with a right ankle injury.

Decker has not played since, missing the last two games. Now, heading into a short week before taking on the Green Bay Packers Thursday, he talked to reporters about his injury (now revealed to be high ankle sprain and a bone bruise) on Monday (via MLive).

"Knew it (was bad) right away,” Decker said. “But at that point, it’s like, ‘I’m already here. I’m going to help my team win....But I played it off well. I guess no one really even noticed it until after the game. I just didn’t want to have to come out of the game. Especially because the first game, it’s one of those things where want to be one of the iron men and not miss any snaps, which I’ve done a couple times in my career. It’s kind of a bummer it got broke Week 2. But I knew I could be out there, and even if I wasn’t 100%, I could still help the team win. Just keep going, take a bunch of Advil, more tape, Toradal.”

Decker said he thought he broke his ankle. After playing through for the rest of the season opener, it swelled to a point he couldn't play.

Taylor Decker's return would be welcome for Lions' offensive line

Decker being out moved Penei Sewell to left tackle, with Matt Nelson stepping in at right tackle. Nelson was injured against the Falcons in Week 3, and he'll go on IR as his ankle injury will require surgery. Dan Skipper took over and was also injured against Atlanta, so the Lions were down to rookie Colby Sorsdal by the end of the game.

Decker also said he intends to play against the Packers on Thursday night. But he also acknowledged the decision is largely out of his hands and he probably won't be 100 percent.

"That’s where my head’s at,” Decker said after participating in a walk-through on Monday night. “Unless someone above me in the pecking order says differently, then that’s where my mind’s at.”

"It’s probably just going to (expletive) hurt,” Decker said. “It’s all right. Like I said, it’s going to hurt, but as long as I can be functional, I can deal with the pain..... Big thing is the days leading up to the game, just make sure it’s feeling as best as it can, and just go out there. You’re going to have the adrenaline pumping, and I’m sure it’ll feel even better than it did today.”

Having Decker back against the Packers, even at less than full strength and assuming it happens, will be welcome to stabilize the Lions' offensive line.

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