Lions head coach Dan Campbell gets a little disrespected among his peers in CBS ranking

No one is ready to call Dan Campbell one of the best head coaches in the NFL, but he was a bit disrespected in a recent ranking of his peers.

In two seasons as Detroit Lions head coach, Dan Campbell has moved away from the punch line caricature he became for some people with his "knee-biting" comments during his introductory press conference. After a poor start last season, and a dismal loss to the New England Patriots, it became fairly easy to put a little heat on his seat and wonder if he had what it took to be an NFL head coach.

Then the Lions won eight of their last 10 games in 2022, and the external flowers for Campbell have come in concert with those that already existed internally. Expectations are high heading into this season. Campbell has landed as a betting favorite to win Coach of the Year in some places.

CBS Sports recently ranked, in countdown form, current NFL head coaches.

No one will say Campbell should be in the top-10 or any head coach ranking. Go win the division this year, and win a playoff game (or two), then that might be a conversation a year from now.

Dan Campbell a little bit disrespected in CBS Sports head coach ranking

Campbell comes in at No. 22 in the CBS ranking, one spot ahead of Brandon Staley (Los Angeles Chargers) and one spot behind Ron Rivera (Washington Commanders). Widening out a bit, Kevin Stefanski (Cleveland Browns) is No. 20.

"A walking embodiment of testosterone, Campbell's fiery optimism finally translated to wins in 2022, and his late-year staffing changes helped fuel defensive strides. Now his challenge will be meeting expectations, ensuring QB Jared Goff is protected while the Lions try to capture their first NFC North title in 30 years."

Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports

"A walking embodiment of testosterone". That feels like something you might say to disrespect the rest of a coach's resume, without even necessarily meaning to do it. "Finally translated to wins" also comes off weird, with two seasons under Campbell's belt as the Lions rebuilt the roster.

The guys over at Woodward Sports had a conversation about Campbell's spot in the ranking. Check it out.

So should Campbell be a few spots higher? Should he be lower? Or is he in just the right spot? There's definitely a case for him to be above Rivera, and Stefanski, but probably not quite above Mike McCarthy at No. 19.

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