Lions fans erupting when Terrion Arnold got drafted was must-see TV

We love a rowdy hometown crowd.
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

There's maybe no better moment in the NFL Draft than when the hometown team picks. There's always at least a couple fans of every team in the crowd, but it just hits different when 90% of the 200k+ in attendance hear their team's pick.

This year, in a record-setting environment in Detroit, the crowd didn't disappoint. Lions fans had to wait most of the night – they didn't pick until 24th overall – but when the moment finally arrived, they made the most of it.

Detroit fans erupt when Lions draft Terrion Arnold

The crescendoing wave of sound is incredible. You hear it start as a low rumble and quickly erupt into an all out scream, and yeah maybe this is being a little bit overly dramatic, but whatever. That's what Draft night is for.

Arnold was immediately a hit with the fans, stopping to take dozens of different photos and selfies with the crowd. He even took the mic at one point and addressed the crowd directly, which ruled.

This is what Draft Night is all about. Scheme fits and pessismism is what August is for. Right now, Terrion Arnold is a Detroit Lion, and fans are STOKED about it. It's hard to blame them.