Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has two head coaching interviews scheduled

Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has joined the head coaching interview party, with two scheduled now.

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In a vacuum, Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn should be just as in-demand for head coaching interviews as offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is. Glenn has received four interview requests, and on Friday morning Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported he has interviews scheduled with the Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titans.

Rapoport did not offer more details on Glenn's interviews, in terms of when they will happen. But Lions head coach Dan Campbell unveiled the window that Glenn and Johnson would have to do interviews as the team prepares to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

"Yeah, the best we can do is we'll have to do Friday and a little bit of Saturday," Campbell said. "So Friday afternoon, after practice is done, they're going to have to crunch it in there. They're already working on scheduling it. Then Saturday, there will be a small window in there after practice before night meetings."

Despite some ups and downs for his defense, Glenn is highly regarded by players as a leader. The NFLPA released a poll recently, openly timed to help candidates in this year's hiring cycle, that named him the No. 1 coordinator (on either side of the ball) in the league.

2 head coaching interviews may just be the start for Aaron Glenn

The Washington Commanders and Los Angeles Angeles Chargers are the other two teams who have requested to interview Glenn. The Commanders seem to zeroing in on Johnson, and Jim Harbaugh seems to the favorite for the Chargers job, so Glenn may not get an opportunity to interview.

That said, a thorough head coaching search by either of those two teams would easily include Glenn.

The Falcons seem set to hire former Patriots coach Bill Belichick, but that will not be set in stone until a second interview with team brass that will reportedly happen this weekend. Glenn does have a tie to the front office in Atlanta, as general manager Terry Fontenot was in the Saints' front office when Glenn was an assistant there.

The Titans, on the other hand, have been predicted as the landing spot for Glenn by ESPN's Dan Graziano. They are interviewing a lot of candidates to replace Mike Vrabel, but Glenn might be at or near the top of their list.

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