Lions called a top trade destination for Rams running back Cam Akers

Los Angeles Rams' running back Cam Akers could be on the move soon, and the Detroit Lions have been tabbed as a top trade fit.
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The Detroit Lions are currently dealing with the reality of many new injury problems across their roster.

At running back, Detroit may be without David Montgomery for a few weeks after a thigh injury. While Jahmyr Gibbs remains, the Lions may not be ready to saddle their rookie with a heavy load.

Craig Reynolds is on the roster, and Zonovan Knight has been elevated from the practice squad. Still, the Lions might need look to add someone else.

Enter Los Angeles Rams' running back Cam Akers. Currently on the trade block, Akers could make sense as a Detroit addition given their need for production.

Pro Football Focus analyst Brad Spielberger included the Lions on a list of teams that make sense as a fit for Akers.

"You might ask why a team that used the No. 12 overall pick on a running back wouldn’t just turn the touches over to him, but the team clearly doesn’t have a ton of faith in Jahmyr Gibbs running between the tackles just yet in his young NFL career. Craig Reynolds has been with Detroit for a few years now, seen on “Hard Knocks” as a player and person they just absolutely love, but Dan Campbell’s unit wants to run the football and set up explosive passing plays, so adding another early-down runner in Akers should be a consideration."

Akers' viability in Detroit revolves around Montgomery's recovery, and what the Lions would have to give in a deal. With Akers slated for restricted free agency in 2024 and on the outs with the Rams, a late-round pick could make sense.

Brad Holmes and Les Snead have a prior working relationship, with Holmes stint working for the Rams, so the Lions are a team to remember in the market for Akers.

Cam Akers scored in Week 1 before Week 2 healthy scratch

Akers has produced when he's had the chance thus far in his career. But around a 2021 Achilles' injury and landing in the doghouse with the Rams twice now, those chances have been too fleeting.

In Week 1 against the Seahawks, Akers scored a touchdown to help the Rams ice the game. But that obscured how Kyren Williams had taken over the lead back role for the first three quarters.

In Week 2, Akers was a healthy scratch and that has paved the way for a trade. While the Lions have not been reported as a team interested in Akers, he is an intriguing potential fit.

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