Kyle Brandt hits Detroit Lions fans with epic message ahead of first home playoff game in 30 years (video)

Ahead of Sunday night's home playoff game, Kyle Brandt of NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" hit Detroit Lions' fans with an epic message.
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Heading into the final week of the regular season, "Good Morning Football co-host Kyle Brandt had an epic pep talk for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields that's a must-watch even eight days later now. But it also didn't work out very well, as the Bears laid an egg against the Green Bay Packers in Week 18 and Fields is all but out the door as soon as he can be traded.

Back in August, Brandt called the Detroit Lions the "Uncle Lenny" of the NFL. As in, the relative that has shown up to family gatherings a complete mess for years (or even decades), but now has his life together. It was an absolutely appropriate metaphor, delivered as only Brandt could.

On Friday morning's edition of NFL Network's morning show, Brandt delivered a message to Lions fans. It started with the old "Uncle Lenny" clip, then came back live and Brandt started in.

Kyle Brandt delivers epic message to Detroit Lions fans before playoff game (video)

Uncle Lenny’s had a year. Boy, he’s had a YEAR. He got 12 wins, his future’s on fire, his past is DEAD.

After noting a "ghost from the past" (Matthew Stafford) coming back to wreck Detroit's playoff party, Brandt went on, hinting at the ban of Stafford Lions' jerseys...

“I’m not even from Detroit, and I’m sick of the Lions’ past. So for the love of God, burn it and bury it.”

People hate that the Lions aren’t theirs to push around anymore. They hate the changes! Your rookies were draft grade punchlines. Now they’re playoff headlines. Your wide receiver was known for his dad being Mr. Universe. Now he plays like first team All-Universe.”

Or First-Team All-Pro, as Brandt is referring to Amon-St. Brown.

Brandt, of course, kept going.

"It’s more fun for everybody else when Uncle Lenny is a loser begging for bail money after getting beat up at the OTB (off-track betting).”.......

After calling out the "zombie lemmings online" that will call out "Same Old Lions" at the first sign of adversity on Sunday night, Brandt landed the punchline about "Uncle Lenny" followed by a final declaration to Detroit.

"Let me tell ya, this weekend, Uncle Lenny's gonna suit-up for party. He's gonna become a made man, a paid man and a laid man.....
"Detroit, I am reporting you as eligible for the Divisional Round and I hope you get the Cowboys so you can beat them AGAIN. You’ve earned it. Enjoy it, Detroit!”

The clip of Brandt's entire speech to Detroit and Lions fans, which is well worth the three minutes and 50 seconds you'll invest, can be seen here on the NFL's official site.


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