Kicker upgrade for the Detroit Lions sends bat signal for them to sign him

The Detroit Lions could (should?) still be looking for a kicker, and a lingering upgrade option is almost begging to be signed.
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After something of a kicker turnstile for a season-plus, the Detroit Lions brought in Michael Badgley and he stabilized the situation. He was re-signed, however conveniently, but the idea of a notable addition to compete or replace him should not have been dismissed.

The Lions waited until rookie minicamp to add another kicker to the roster, even as a "camp leg." XFL standout John Parker Romo was signed after a rookie minicamp tryout, and later in May Riley Patterson was brought back via a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

By all accounts on-site, Badgley was a winner from OTAs and minicamp simply because he didn't really participate in the kicking competition. A notable training camp battle is looming, but it would be an upset if Badgley does not win it under the current circumstances.

At this point, the Lions don't appear to be looking at kickers who are available.

Kicker upgrade for Detroit Lions ready to land right in their lap

The San Francisco 49ers moved on from Robbie Gould this offseason. But the 40-year old is still a capable kicker, better than many incumbents around the league. It's also safe to say he didn't want to take part in OTAs, and would have no real need to.

Training camp report dates are coming around the league. Via NBC Sports Bay Area, Gould says he's ready and waiting for an opportunity.

"I know training camp is coming up and I’m ready for the next opportunity,” “And I’m sure these teams will give these young kids a chance and find out who has a chance to compete. I think things will get a lot more serious. But, yeah, I’m ready to go and looking forward to the next season"

Very early in the offseason, when it was already unlikely he'd be going back to the 49ers, via The 33rd Team, Gould revealed what is ideal situation would be.

"I live here [Chicago] full-time but I don’t know if I want to kick in the cold anymore,” Gould said with a laugh. “I’d look to get a dome and some warm weather first. 40 years, 18 years of doing this, I deserve that I think.”""

A dome or warm weather team. At this point in his career, Gould would likely have a preference to sign with a good team. He would presumably also prefer to be as close as possible to his maintained home town of Chicago. The Lions check all three of those boxes, with a Week 14 (Dec. 10) trip to Chicago standing as their only clear-cut cold weather game.

Gould has stood out as a good available kicker option for months, and he has now made sure teams know he's ready to go whenever they may want to call him. As the Lions' kicking competition moves into training camp, and as they should keep their eyes open for other options, the fit with Gould feels ideal.

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