Kerby Joseph gives gifts to Lions fan who trolled Packers fan during draft

The Lions fan who trolled his Packers' fan friend during the draft has been rewarded by Kerby Joseph.

During the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, after the Detroit Lions had trade up to No. 24 to take Terrion Arnold, the rival Green Bay Packers were on the clock at pick No. 25. They took Arizona offensive tackle Jordan Morgan, which was a mild surprise.

One Packers fan though, as captured by ESPN's draft broadcast, was more than mildly surprised at the pick of Morgan.

A notable part of that moment was the Lions fan who was clearly trolling that Packers' fan. Lions safety Kerby Joseph wanted to know that fan was.

Jeanna Trotman of WXYZ in Detroit took on the case, and found the fan. His name is Kito Katende, and the Packers' fan is his friend.

"Literally all day he was talking about how he wanted Cooper DeJean and they didn’t end up getting him,” Katende told Trotman. “They got another guy, Jordan Morgan, and so I just had to laugh at him, because he was begging for that guy (DeJean) literally all day.”

Kerby Joseph rewards Lions' fan for trolling Packers' fan at the draft

On May 3 the Packers' fan in question, Jacob Sanchez, posted about the gifts Joseph sent to Katende.

Joseph sent a signed football card, and (not coincidentally, given the situation) a pair of game-used cleats from his two-interception game against the Packers during his 2022 rookie season, the first two interceptions of his career. Joseph also sent a hand-written message to Katende.

"Wassup bro!! you made me laugh draft night LOL So here is my cleats I caught my first and second career INT from AROD!!! Much Love... JKERB"

Sanchez admitted how he's supposed to hate Joseph since he plays for the Lions, "but IDK how I can after this." So Joseph has turned a Packers' fan into a fan of his, which is a quite a feat on its own beyond rewarding a Lions' fan for producing a viral draft moment.


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