Jared Goff obviously wouldn't mind spending the rest of his career in Detroit

If his comments during Thursday's press conference weren't enough, Jared Goff made it clear afterward that he would like to finish his career in Detroit.

Jared Goff has openly talked about how much he likes it in Detroit-the fans, the city, and the support the Lions' organization has put behind from the moment he was acquired from the Rams in the Matthew Stafford trade. This spring he called the trade "the greatest thing that ever happened to me, for my career and development as a human."

Days after news of his contract that will keep him in Detroit for the foreseeable future, which includes a no-trade clause, Goff took the podium to address the media. He talked broadly about wanting to win a Super Bowl, the support he's been shown by the Lions' organization and how much the city has meant to him. All things he has said before.

After the press conference, Goff called in to "Karsch and Anderson" on 97.1 The Ticket. Co-host Doug Karsch asked Goff about how he said he wasn't as concerned with maximizing the money in his new contract as he was with getting security, and a no-trade clause that had previously not been known.

Karsch: Could you please talk about the commitment to finishing your career here in Detroit?

Jared Goff, obviously, wouldn't mind finishing his career in Detroit

Goff left no mystery, if there was any, in his response to that inquiry about spending the rest of his career with the Lions.

"I would love for that to be the case and I think that was the main thing going into the contract stuff, was creating that security and that commitment from both my side and the team side. They were both committed to it from the get go and it was just a matter of time hammering out the details and getting us to the right spot with the numbers,” Goff said."

If Goff plays out his entire new contract with the Lions, he will turn 34 during that season (2028). He would presumably have a few years left in his career then, as the rules of the game extend quarterbacks' careers. So a short extension, should the Lions want to do it, would put finishing his career in Detroit firmly in play. But it's unlikely this contract as-is, unless Goff retires earlier than he could, will cover the rest of his career.

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