Jared Goff naturally says he's not thinking about his historic streak

Nearing the NFL record for pass attempts without an interception, Lions quarterback Jared Goff says he's not thinking about his streak of clean football.
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Throwing the ball 35 times without an interception in the season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jared Goff extended his streak of pass attempts without an interception 359. That's now the third-longest such streak in NFL history. If he goes 44 more pass attempts without throwing an interception, he'll own the record.

Tom Brady (399 attempts) and Aaron Rodgers (402 attempts) are ahead of Goff, and a clean game in Sunday's home opener against the Seattle Seahawks would put him close to or past both.

Goff's streak without an interception has directly correlated to the Lions winning games, with 9 wins in their last 11 regular season games. His streak of 10 starts (full games) without an interception is tied for the second-longest in the NFL since 1965.

Asked on Tuesday about his streak without an interception, Goff didn't even let the question finish before saying....

"What streak?”

Jared Goff naturally dismisses talk about interception-less streak

Goff went into full cliche' mode in a full answer to the question. But he did acknowledge the good fortune inherent in having such a long streak without an interception.

"It’s not on my mind at all. It's really not. It's been a lot of things. Obviously, we've been playing well, taking care of the ball. And then there's a lot of luck in it. We have balls batted that hit the ground; that doesn't always happen. There are a few different things, but if I'm taking care of the ball, we usually win games, so got to keep doing that"

Jared Goff, via The Detroit News

Yes, Goff is focused on winning games and he knows how his taking care of the ball well (and at a historic level right now) goes along with that for the Lions. But it's unrealistic for him to say he's not thinking about his streak without an interception, and it's not genuine based on the expanse of his response on Tuesday. It's surely not a huge focus, other than when he's asked about it by the media, but Goff knows he's on the doorstep of a record.


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