Jameson Williams will now get another test as suspension officially starts

With his six-game suspension now here, Jameson Williams has another test coming.
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Jameson Williams' rookie season was derailed by a torn ACL in his final college game, which was a big physical and mental test as he ultimately didn't play much last season. Issues with the semantics or his plea of complete ignorance aside, a six-game suspension will set his second season on a tough course.

A hamstring injury also costed Williams valuable reps in the last two preseason games. But now, with roster cuts done going into the season, he has his idle suspension time to rehab the injury and be good to go in plenty of time when he's able to play in Week 7.

Williams can return to practice with the Lions after three weeks of his suspension, so he'll have practice time to ramp up for when he can play. But in the meantime, with his placement on the suspended list official, the team cannot have any contact with him. That includes, by league rule, rehabbing his injury at the facility under the eyes of team doctors. The Lions tried to work something out regarding the rehab, but the league did not bend.

Jameson Williams has another test coming before he takes the field this season

Not that he'd have said otherwise, but speaking to the media on Friday Lions general manager Brad Holmes did not seem too concerned about Williams' injury and his absence. A plan was put in place.

"Had good communication with Jameson and his agent before the deadline," Holmes said. "Obviously, can’t have any contact with him, but they have a good plan in place for him while he’s recovering from his injury.""

Williams did say he was planning to bring his trainer to Detroit during his suspension so he can stay sharp. Holmes went on to set aside any concern about Williams being able to get ramped up after being away for three weeks.

"That six-week suspension sounds daunting when you say (it like) that, but after three weeks, he's gonna be able to come back in the building and we can kind of re-acclimate him."

With big concern from the team or not, at least publicly, and the significance of three weeks away while also recovering from an injury to be dismissed, acknowledged or even debated, one thing is clear. Williams is being tested again, now effectively on his own for a few weeks until he can come back to the team.


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