Jameson Williams is embracing the attention he naturally gets

Appearing very at ease after Monday's practice, Jameson Williams is embracing the spotlight that's naturally on him.
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When you're a first-round NFL draft pick, there's naturally going to be spotlight, pressure, etc. on you. Add in recovering from a torn ACL as a rookie and a six-game gambling suspension to start your second season, with the extra scrutiny those things bring, and this is the world of Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams.

Dan Campbell's promise to "douse" Williams with reps during the preseason came to be, as he played 51 snaps in the preseason opener against the Giants. The results were mixed, with two receptions on seven targets, a bad-looking drop and a nice two-point conversion catch.

Williams has a lot of development to do, and there will be undeniable pressure on him when he is able to take the field for the first time in the regular season in Week 7.

Williams talked to the media after practice on Monday. He appeared very at ease, which as Jeanna Trotman of WXYZ added was "refreshing" to see.

Jameson Williams embracing the attention that is on him

When addressing the topic of the scutiny, attention, whatever it can be called that's on him, as he tries to stack good days and get better every day as practically a rookie, Williams said he is embracing it.

"I feel eyes on me, but it comes with being drafted high," he said. "I wouldn't say I want the eyes off of me because I want them on me. I don't feel no pressure."No pressure," "I was born for this.""

Jameson Williams

During training camp/the preseason, it's easy for Williams to say he doesn't feel any pressure and that he wants eyes on him. But when he's back from his suspension, and the expectation will be that he hits the ground running in a key role for a team that expects to win a lot of games, then we'll see how he handles that pressure and performs when it matters most.

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