Frank Ragnow explains how opponents try to get best of Lions' offensive line

The Detroit Lions have a dominant offensive line, and Frank Ragnow explains some tricks he's seen the opposition try to turn the tide.
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The Detroit Lions have built a dominating offensive line, and they are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve.

The opposition isn't winning many battles up front, so often, they rely on different tactics for an advantage. As the guy who has to see everything, it's something center Frank Ragnow has seen so far this season.

Ragnow spoke to the media Wednesday about what he's seen from opposing defensive fronts.

"I think a lot of fronts are not going to stay still. It's something we've noticed even last year. There's going to be a lot of stunts, movement (and) pressures because I think they realize that if they stay still, we could have an advantage there. That's the only thing we've really noticed."

Detroit's offensive line has allowed seven sacks while paving the way for a top-10 rushing offense (141 yards per game) led by David Montgomery. But it hasn't come easy at times.

Week 6 will bring another test for the Lions' front, since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers only allow 94.8 yards per game (10th-best in the league) on the ground. Left guard Jonah Jackson (ankle) being out on Sunday won't help.

Frank Ragnow praises Hank Fraley for keeping Detroit Lions' OL prepared

Ragnow went on to credit offensive line coach Hank Fraley for his role in the keeping things on the rails when injuries have hit.

"A big thing that Hank (Fraley) does is just communicate with us and talk about it with us going into the week making sure he prepares not only the starting five, but everybody in that room. He's done a great job with that. Whoever steps in, we're kind of all on the same page because we've been talking about it in the meeting room all week. I think that's a big advantage of it. Then, just communicating on the field whether you see something or not. It's just making sure we're all on the same page.

No matter what the opposition tries to throw at Detroit's front, the team is ready for it. That's a credit to savvy coaching and savvy players.


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