Former Lions safety Glover Quin doesn't love Jared Goff's leadership style

It's too easy to critique such things from a distance, but former Lions' safety Glover Quin doesn't particularly like Jared Goff's leadership style.

The Detroit Lions have had some real ups and downs in the four games since the bye week, though you never apologize for winning three of four like they have. The version of quarterback Jared Goff, on the field, that showed up in Week 11 and Week 12 is concerning in the realm of costing the team a deep playoff run.

It's also safe to say, at least as far as we can see, that Goff is on the quieter side as a leader. There's nothing wrong with that, since being a vocal leader is not for everyone. If that's not comfortable for Goff, trying to be that would not be genuine and his teammates would know it.

But, outside of occasional glimpses before a game or in a postgame locker room, it really can't be known what kind of leader Goff is. Maybe he is very vocal behind the scenes, when there's no cameras or microphones around.

Former Lion Glover Quin critical of Jared Goff's leadership style

As a former player, and a former Lion, Glover Quin had an up-close view of quarterbacks as leaders of a team. So such as someone could be any kind of authority on the topic, he's in that group with some perspective.

The Lions have had some notable and noticeable lulls in games lately. Quin was on the Bleav in Lions podcast earlier this week.

In that regard, in terms of in-game lulls, Quin has an issue with Goff's lack of vocalness as a leader.

"When things start to slip, I don't know if I see him on the sideline galvanizing the guys. It is kinda like alright, we are just gonna go out there, and we will put a drive together," said Quin. "You go through those lulls because you are dealing with many other players on the team. Maybe he can help in that regard by being a little more vocal in that situation."

Again, it's so hard to critique someone's leadership style without being "in the room". As the quarterback the spotlight is naturally on Goff, and anything/everything it's perceived he's doing or not doing. Quin can only go off what he sees in terms of Goff's leadership style, and he had an opinion he's entitled to have.

When it comes down to it, down the stretch of the regular season and into the playoffs, Goff's physical shortcomings are going to be more costly to the Lions than anything Quin (or anyone else) thinks he should be doing to be a more vocal leader.


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