'Explosive' Detroit Lions trade proposal with Panthers is not all that outlandish

A Detroit radio host called it an 'explosive' trade proposal with the Carolina Panthers, but there's a heck of lot to like about it.
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If nothing else, Week 5's win over the Carolina Panthers firmly established the Detroit Lions as potential buyers as we move toward the trade deadline. If they weren't sellers before, the Panthers at 0-5 certainly are now.

In that light, it was easy to consider who on the Panthers' roster might be of interest to the Lions in trade.

One player stands above the rest. Edge rusher Brian Burns.

After last Sunday's game, via Panthers Wire, head coach Frank Reich had some pointed things to say about Burns and the overall situation with the team.

"I cannot say enough about Brian Burns,” "He stands for everything you want a football player to stand for, everything you want a leader to stand for. That guy . . . he’s the epitome of what you want as a winner. That guy is a winner. That’s where you feel bad for guys like that. He’s been here a long time, we’ve not been able to win.

“Everybody deserves better, but he deserves better. And he deserves better. I believe that’s why we’re here, and I believe that it can work out where he can see that.”

Burns has posted nine, nine and 12.5 sacks over the last three full seasons, and with four sacks through five games this season he's well on his way to another terrific season. He's also in the last year of his contract, and there doesn't seem to be much traction on an extension to keep him in Carolina.

'Explosive' Lions-Panthers trade proposal actually makes sense

On the topic of the Lions trading for Burns, 97.1 The Ticket's Jim Costa went all the way in with a self-proclaimed "explosive trade proposal" to bring him to Detroit.

Here's a visual presentation of the deal.

Brian Burns-Jamo trade

Costa did add the caveat of the Lions only including a first-round pick if they sign Burns to a contract extension and he's not merely a rental. Otherwise, drop the pick to a second or third-rounder.

"If they were getting an extension, I would offer a first with Jamo," "If it was a rental, no, then we're talking a second or third with Jamo to bring in Burns and chase a title. It's spicy because it's Jamo and people have conflicted feelings about him, but if it's to get a difference-maker on defense to chase a title, you do it." 

Williams also played collegiately at Alabama with Panthers quarterback Bryce Young, so on Carolina's end he could be of some interest to them.

Yes, giving up on Williams before he has even had a chance to find his footing is not an enticing idea and the Lions probably won't do it. But pairing a 25-year old Burns with Aidan Hutchinson now, and ideally for years to come, is a very enticing idea that shouldn't be dismissed.

So Lions' fans, is the idea of trading Williams a no-go no matter what? Or would getting someone like Burns change the thought process? What would you give up for Burns?

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