ESPN analytics is pretty bullish on the 2023 Detroit Lions

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

Expectations are high for the 2023 Detroit Lions, and ESPN analytics is on the bandwagon.

After winning eight of their last 10 games last season, and giving Aaron Rodgers a rude send-off in his final game as a Green Bay Packer, the Detroit Lions are a bit of a darling in NFL circles. Of course with expectations comes a burden of expectations, which frankly has been rare around this franchise.

It's fair to say there are concerns for the Lions this year. If Jared Goff misses any time due to injury, the optimism that Nate Sudfeld can keep things afloat is non-existent. The interior of the defensive line is a bit of a concern, as the run defense simply has to improve.

But overall the outside sentiment for the Lions is positive, with them as widely the betting favorites to win the NFC North. Dan Campbell is likewise at least among the betting favorites for Coach of the Year.

ESPN analytics is pretty bullish on the Detroit Lions chances this season

Analytical models that produce predictions can be a slippery slope. And frankly they come in wrong a lot, since you know, things happen and human beings will perform as they dang well please within their ever-changing circumstances.

That said, ESPN is out with their early projections for the 2023 NFL season this week, with a 1-32 ranking of teams, Super Bowl odds, etc.

The Lions land at No. 11 in the overall ranking, and they're the fourth-highest ranked NFC team. Per ESPN's Football Power Index they have a 65.4 percent chance to make the playoffs, a 43.2 percent chance to win the NFC North, a 41 percent chanc to make the Divisional Round of the playoffs, a 21 percent chance to reach the conference title game, a 9.9 percent chance to make the Super Bowl and a 4.3 percent chance to win the Super Bowl.

All of the above numbers are among the 10 best percentage chances in the league based on the ESPN model. Yes it's not quite Memorial Day, but Lions fans can latch onto this positivity shown by numbers.

As for projected record, ESPN FPI has it down to decimals with a 9.4-7.6 win-loss mark for the 2023 Lions.

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