Detroit radio personality has high hopes for new Lions' uniforms

Ahead of the Lions' reveal of their new uniforms, a Detroit radio host has high hopes for what they'll look like.
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The Detroit Lions revealing their new uniforms this Thursday (April 18), which plenty of preferences, guesses, etc. out there. When talking about the reveal once again last week, team president Rod Wood stretched into some hyperbole.

"I think our goal was to honor the past — we have great colors, we have great history— but also put a modern twist on it", Wood said. "So I think when you see them, you'll see both of those things. And you'll see, hopefully, uniforms that propel us for at least the next five years to be one of the great uniforms in the NFL."

On Monday, Mike Valenti of 97.1 The Ticket talked about the New York Jets revealing their new uniforms earlier in the day, and heaped praise on them.

Of course he then extended to the Lions upcoming reveal of their new uniforms, with hopes for something similar (via

Detroit radio host wants new Lions' uniforms to be 'timeless'

Here's what Valenti had to say, with some apparent hope a particular color is not in the Lions' new uniforms.

"I’m very eager to see what the Lions come up with. We’ve heard Rod Wood’s sound about how it’s the past and a modern take. Okay, that’s fine. First of all, I always laugh when you hear these executives get up, and they act like they have the cure for cancer. ‘Dude, we’re just talking about buying a jersey from a kid.’ But I do hope that the Lions do something timeless, "I’ve never felt like, in my time in this town, whether it was the Stafford rebrand, the Roy Williams black jerseys, then the black trim, then we updated bubbles but it was still bubbles. Even these uniforms felt a little bit arena football. All I want to see when they do this is something they can stick with and it’s timeless.”

There are others who love the Lions' old black jerseys, and hope they're coming back. The opinions on the new blue helmet last year were mixed, and the opinions on the new uniforms will surely be similarly divided. In three days, probably less than 72 hours as of this writing, we'll find out what they look like.


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