Detroit Lions trade rumors: Will the New York Jets call about Teddy Bridgewater?

After losing Aaron Rodgers for the season, it's fair to wonder if the New York Jets will call the Lions about Teddy Bridgewater.
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As the Detroit Lions surveyed upgrade options to backup Jared Goff this offseason it seems it was, for better or worse, "Teddy Bridgewater or bust". A major injury to Goff would hurt, but if Bridgewater had to step in it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Speaking of major injuries to a starting quarterback, the New York Jets have lost Aaron Rodgers to what has been confirmed to be a torn Achilles. They are set to roll with Zach Wilson as their starter, with former Lion Tim Boyle around as a backup. But they will look to add a third quarterback to the roster, on some level.

What that looks like could evolve quickly, if Wilson looks like he has looked thus far in his career. Someone to replace Wilson as the starter could land on the radar, if not this week then possibly soon. Wilson can succeed on some level, and those who want to prop him up will cite he started out last year 5-1 as the Jets' starter (ultimately 5-4). But a roster that's otherwise playoff-caliber could be significantly set back by inept quarterback play. Just like it was last season, and Rodgers was supposed to rectify.

Detroit Lions trade rumors: Will the Jets call about Teddy Bridgewater?

Bridgewater did not land on a list of nine realistic options for the Jets to replace Rodgers from our friends over at The Jet Press, or any other lists like it we've seen. Truly, it's hard to see Lions general manager Brad Holmes doing anything but a quick, polite decline of an overture about Bridgewater if Jets' general manager Joe Douglas did call. But in a broad sense Bridgewater is a potential option for the Jets, and the Lions would have a bit of trade leverage if they wanted to entertain it.

Among these possible options laid out by Spotrac, who would you choose? It's not a reach to put Bridgewater at the top of that list, if we were to rank them.

Yes, trading Bridgewater would leave the Lions with only David Blough (currently on the practice squad) and a "redshirt year" Hendon Hooker behind Goff. But, on the other hand, there are teams out there with worse backup quarterback situations if that's what their left with.

It makes sense for the Jets to leave no stone unturned in an effort to replace Rodgers. A call to see about trading for Bridgewater wouldn't absolutely have to come this week, or before giving Wilson a shot for a couple games. The biggest question is if the Lions would be willing to engage, and what the ask would be knowing the Jets are desperate.

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