Every Detroit Lions fan needs this amazing Starter jacket

Homage is bringing back iconic Starter jackets for NFL teams this fall, and the Detroit Lions' version is a must-have for fans of the Motor City Kitties.
Homage / Homage

The last time the Detroit Lions won a playoff game, January of 1992 after the 1991 season, Starter jackets were a big thing to convey your fandom. If you were in school at the time, especially middle or even high school, you weren't cool unless you had one (the Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket was a particular "must-have").

Getting your parents to buy you a Starter jacket to reflect your favorite team was another story, since they weren't exactly inexpensive (even back then). So some of us had to settle for a hat--better than nothing, I suppose.

As the 2023 NFL season gets going, Homage is set to release a new collection of NFL team Starter jackets soon. Of course, there will be a Lions version and it's "Honolulu Blue"-tiful. This spring, we seemed to get a tease. Looks like a good way for a Lions' fan to combat the colder weather that's coming during football season, assuming they live in a colder climate.

Detroit Lions Starter jacket

In the past iconic era of Starter jackets, Barry Sanders was the clear star player for the Lions. Now, the team is full of young stars (Amon-Ra St. Brown, Aidan Hutchinson, Jahmyr Gibbs, Brian Branch) who could eventually be held in similar historical esteem by Lions' fans.

After the Lions' season-opening win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the #OnePride bandwagon is sure to start growing. It's now becoming cool to be a Lions fan, not something to feel shame about or be made fun of for due to all the suffering. But any new or long-time Lions fan needs one of these clean, blue Starter Jackets. A Christmas present for a Lions fan can be locked down early.

So Lions fans should head over to Homage to pick up one of these Starter jackets today.

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