Detroit Lions should have absolutely no interest in trading for Stefon Diggs

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Ever the magnet for drama, the Detroit Lions should have absolutely no interest in trading for Stefon Diggs.

The biggest NFL news on Tuesday was the absence of Stefon Diggs from Buffalo Bills minicamp. Unless you ask his agent. Technically he reported but left and did not participate in practice, so it's semantics. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, it is not a contract issue with Diggs.

As well it should not be a contract issue, as Diggs just got a four-year, $96 million deal in April of 2022. So what his end game is this time around is not as clear as it was a few years go, when he clearly wanted the Vikings to trade him and he tweeted his way out of Minnesota. But he's sufficiently "upset" that the Bills have a situation on their hands.

Diggs was openly frustrated at the end of and right after Buffalo's playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, leaving the locker room before coaches even arrived. So that may be where the root of this is.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has deemed the Bills trading Diggs as "difficult, but far from impossible", which seems obvious but is worth acknowledging. Even if Tom Pelissero of NFL Network tweeted that Diggs "isn't really tradeable", due to what he's making and dead cap implications for the Bills.

Mike Payton of AtoZ Sports thinks the Lions should be interested in Diggs, with acknowledgement of his contract and the overall money dynamic, if he were available.

"If the Bills do decide to move on from Diggs, the Lions are a great fit for him. Especially since there's so many questions in their receiver room right now and the Lions will be without their presumed number two receiver for the first six games of the season."

Mike Payton

The Lions certainly could use someone of Diggs' talent ilk, which is why it's been so easy to tie them to DeAndre Hopkins. But....

The Detroit Lions should have absolutely zero interest in trading for Stefon Diggs

On the assumption the Bills would even entertain trading him, or he makes the situation so untenable they might be more forced to entertain it, the Lions should have zero interest in trading for Diggs.

Diggs is among the best wide receivers in the NFL, with a season where he led the league in catches and yards on his resume in 2020 (127 receptions for 1,535 yards). But even with that, he toes the line of the "Is your talent worth your trouble?" question/equation. He manufactures fake drama like few others can, and the Bills are now experiencing the same thing the Vikings did.

A diva wide receiver the level Diggs is would not fit with Dan Campbell and the culture the Lions are building. That's the simplest way to put it. And it's fair to assume if Diggs were to really angle for a trade, he knows Detroit is not a good fit for him in that respect.

If the Lions' possible interest in trading for Diggs could be less than zero, it should be. His talent is not worth inviting looming future trouble when he finds something to be unhappy about, or he posts cryptically/passive-aggressively on social media.

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