3 trades the Detroit Lions could make for Mike Evans

Could the Lions make a move to go all-in on the 2023 season?
Detroit Lions, Mike Evans
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Trade Number 3: The Lions take a huge risk by going all-in

This third and final trade is one that would be a huge risk for the Lions, but it could pay off in the short-term if they truly see themselves as a contender. Remember, Dan Campbell asked his team in the locker room, after defeating Kansas City on opening night: "Did we expect to win?"

His team answered with a resounding "yes," which means they have more than just a belief they can contend this year. If the Lions are serious about pursuing a Super Bowl in 2023, then a deal like this could make sense for both sides.

Evans trade no. 3

2022 first-round pick Jameson Williams missed the majority of his rookie campaign due to injury and is now serving a six-game suspension to start this year, so the Lions are being forced to wait a while before they truly get to see what he can do. If they didn't want to wait around any longer, then they could choose to trade him to the Bucs in a deal for Evans.

Because of Williams' draft status, the Lions would also get a second rounder back, along with Evans. There is no guarantee that Evans would get a long-term deal in Detroit, although it would seem like the plausible conclusion to the trade.

The Bucs would get a player in return who could wind up being a big part of their future as they kind of rebuild or retool, and the Lions would be even more set to try and contend immediately.