Detroit Lions reportedly shut down Ndamukong Suh's interest in reunion

A reunion between Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions is not happening, but apparently it's not because Suh had no interest in it.

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It's the time of the year where former Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is looking to sign with a contending team. The idea of a reunion with the Lions is not new, but with Detroit sitting at 9-3 the notion has naturally ramped up lately as Suh hones in on his best options.

On the Suh topic this past week, after the move to sign Tyson Alaalu to the practice squad, here's what head coach Dan Campbell had to say.

"Yeah, listen, Brad’s looked at all of it, we haven’t overlooked anybody. We looked at everybody. At this moment, we’ve made the decision we feel like was best for us.”

There's a faint possibility the Lions would circle back to considering Suh a bit down the road, should he still be available. But it can be practically set in stone that a reunion is not happening.

Report: Lions turned down Ndamukong Suh's interest in a reunion

According to former Detroit News columnist Terry Foster, Suh and his camp reached out to the Lions expressing interest in a return to Detroit. The Lions apparently shut down the conversation.

"Ndamukong Suh reached out to the Lions about playing here, but he reached out to like four or five other teams also." Foster said. "So he made the initial offer about coming here. Ndamukong Suh has been in Detroit a lot over the last few months. He has investments here. He's embracing this community more than he did when he was a player, because when he was a player, he wanted to get the hell out of here. But now I think he sees a Lions team that confident, that can win and that he could be a guy that could be a 20 to 25 snap per game defensive tackle in that rotation. So he does have an interest in coming here. But you know, slam the door shut up. So far, Detroit Lions. They say no."

Foster added some concern about Suh's fit with the Lions' culture, and the perception he's a "me first" guy. This regime values fit and locker room chemistry highly, more than sheer talent oftentimes, and Suh could upset that chemistry.

So the Lions went another direction rather than sign Suh, presumably after he/his agent had reached out to express interest in a reunion and they shut down the possibility. Never say never, even still, but Suh coming back to Detroit should be firmly put to rest now.


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