Detroit Lions 'reclaim identity' to score most important win of the season

The Detroit Lions had a resilient effort to reclaim their identity and score an important win over the Las Vegas Raiders heading into the bye week.
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After being beaten 38-6 by the Baltimore Ravens in Week 7. the Detroit Lions were in a rebound spot Monday night against the Las Vegas Raiders.

In some respect, it could have been considered a trap game. But all the Lions needed to do was enough to win, and that's exactly what they did. The game was closer than comfortable for a while, due to their own mistakes, but 26-14 victory might be the most significant win of the season so far.

Afterward, Dan Campbell said his biggest takeaway was the Lions getting back to what they do and finding a way to win.

"I told the team, the most important thing about this game was us getting our identity back. That was what all the work we put in this week was about. The whole focus was about getting back to what we do. That was the most important thing, and that really showed through today. Was it perfect? It wasn't perfect, but ultimately, we got what I wanted to get out of it. You come away with a win."

The bye week seems to be coming at a good time, allowing some injured players to heal up and the application of lessons learned over the proverbial first half of the season.

Dan Campbell praises Lions for rediscovering their identity

As Campbell reinforced, the most significant thing was the Lions looking more like themselves in a solid win over a team they were expected to beat.

"Our identity didn't show through last week. That was not us. Ultimately, you believe enough and (it's) 'let's get back to what we do.' That is the sole focus. When that's the sole focus and that's what you go in on, When you pull a little bit back away from the opponent you're playing, you're going to be centered that way. I know the coaches and players on this team and they're going to respond. Does that mean you're 100% going to win? No. I'm proud of everybody, all the guys."

The Lions have found a way to lose these kind of games through the years. Figuring it out and prevailing has been a theme over the first eight games, the win over the Raiders is just the newst evidence.

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