Ranking the Top 5 Lions head coaches of all-time

It is clear the Detroit Lions have needed to get back on the right track, coaching-wise, for a long time
Detroit Lions, Wayne Fontes
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1. Wayne Fontes

It is pretty hard to argue against a guy like Wayne Fontes being number one on this list when he's coached more career games than any other coach in Detroit history (133). With a career record of 66-67, his winning percentage may not be that of some of these other guys, but longevity counts, especially considering the context.

Fontes coached the Lions from 1988-1996, in an era with far more competition than many of his predecessors. The fact that he lasted that long is a testament to what Detroit thought of him and the faith instilled in him as a leader.

Fontes would enjoy four winning seasons, overall, along with four playoff appearances with the Lions. His best season with the Lions came in 1991 when the team went 12-4. It certainly helped to have Barry Sanders rushing for over 1,500 yards and 16 touchdowns, en route to an All Pro selection. But, that season was a massive success, nonetheless.

It isn't saying much, but Fontes' five career playoff games ranks first all-time in Lions history. Now, having only one win out of those five games definitely hurts. But, Fontes got there, and that's more than many Lions coaches can say.

Looking ahead now once again, do we think Dan Campbell will one day be on this list? Can he break a long history of losing and mediocrity? We shall see.

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