4 Detroit Lions possibly playing their final games with the team in the playoffs

Could these guys be playing their final days in the Motor City?
Detroit Lions, Kindle Vildor
Detroit Lions, Kindle Vildor / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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2. Kindle Vildor, CB

The Lions must try and improve their secondary and overall pass defense this offseason, and Kindle Vildor is just one of a few culprits in that area. While Vildor wasn't a regular, week-to-week starter, he did play a total of 146 coverage snaps in the regular season and was counted on in a bigger way in the playoff game against Los Angeles.

In that game against the Rams, Vildor gave up four receptions on five targets, for 101 yards and a touchdown. He was roasted on a couple of occasions, which shouldn't come as a surprise to Lions fans. They saw this guy in Chicago for three years and, in the end, his play looks almost identical with the Lions as it did with the Bears.

Four years in, and we know what Vildor is. If he's the fifth or sixth corner on your team, great. He can serve as an emergency cornerback. But, it shouldn't get to the point where he's playing meaningful snaps in a postseason game. The Lions will have no problem moving on from him this offseason after only having him on the roster for less than a season.