Detroit Lions news: No compensatory picks, Scott Mitchell is at it again, Jonah Jackson price

Here's a roundup of some Detroit Lions news heading into the weekend before free agency.
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The NFL "free agency frenzy" will start on Monday, March 11, with the "legal tampering period" commencing and players being able to officially be signed Wednesday afternoon, March 13.

This first full week of March, between the NFL Combine and the start of the new league year, will be a snail's pace by comparison. But there's still plenty of free agency, trade and and draft speculation to be had.

On this Friday heading into the weekend before free agency, let's take a look at some Lions news.

Jared Goff the difference maker for the Lions?

On Thursday's edition of ESPN's "First Take", analyst Harry Douglas went bold with his opinion the Lions are the top threat to dethrone the two-time defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, not the San Francisco 49ers.

"That’s the Detroit Lions,” Douglas said. "When I look at this team and you look at Jared Goff at the quarterback position, he understands what it takes to beat a guy like Patrick Mahomes," Douglas said. "Now, granted, they did it the first game of the year on Thursday night this season. The Chiefs didn't have Travis Kelce, they didn't have Chris Jones. We understand those are two big holes that weren't there. But, I'm gonna go back to his days when he was with the Los Angeles Rams, and they had that shootout versus Patrick Mahomes and company. So, Jared Goff has played Patrick Mahomes a few times in his career, (and) he understands, when you play against a guy like that, how you have to hold the fort down as a quarterback."

Goff has beaten Mahomes a couple times. But the Lions as a whole are a threat to stop a three-peat by the Chiefs, not just Goff by himself. Douglas acknowledged that in the rest of his comments.