Detroit Lions mock draft roundup: After first wave of free agency

Let's take a look at what some mock drafts have the Detroit Lions doing with pick No. 29 after the first wave of free agency
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The first wave of 2024 NFL free agency is behind us, and that has brought a fresh run of mock drafts as teams have (at least theoretically) filled some needs and thus shifted what their draft priorities might be.

In the case of Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes, he has made it clear he sees free agency as a way to fill needs while in the draft "cornerstone" talent is more of a priority.

"I think in free agency you can rely on more need. But in the draft, man, there’s only a subset of those true cornerstone players that you can identify and if you pass those players over because you’re trying to fill need, I think you get yourself in trouble."

So it's fair to say Holmes will not draft based on strict need, even if a level of priority may be placed on some spots this year like he has not before in his tenure. If nothing else, a narrow list of needs for the Lions has been whittled down a bit early in free agency and the draft stands to provide competition for whoever might be added in subsequent weeks of free agency.

On the hunt for the freshest mock drafts after the first wave of free agency, here's what those mocks have the Lions doing with their first-round pick.

Detroit Lions mock draft roundup: After the first wave of 2024 NFL Free Agency