Detroit Lions injury updates: Frank Ragnow, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, James Houston

On Monday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell provided some fresh injury updates.

In general, the Detroit Lions have been a pretty healthy team lately. Some key players have missed games, but the daily practice reports and final injury reports have been far shorter than they were early in the season.

Center Frank Ragnow missed Week 14 against the Chicago Bears with a knee injury, while defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson (torn pectoral) and edge rusher James Houston (ankle) are on IR.

Gardner-Johnson and Houston may be able to return before the season is over. On Monday, head coach Dan Campbell offered updates on all three of the aforementioned players.

Detroit Lions injury updates: Will Frank Ragnow play in Week 15 vs. Broncos?

On Ragnow, here's what Campbell said.

"Yet to be determined. He is improving, he’s improving. But there again, I won’t know for a little bit here,”

A short week before playing the Denver Broncos on Saturday night naturally reduces the chance Ragnow is able to play in Week 15. But there's still time for him to enhance the odds.

Gardner-Johnson and Houston were both injured in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks. The idea one or both could play again this season has lingered.

Houston recently said he wants to get a couple games in before the playoffs, but Campbell was a little less optimistic.

"No, no. I think it’ll be a while before that. Look, I do think there’s a chance, but I think it’s – we’re looking late December, January possibly.”

Gardner-Johnson has repeatedly teased a return in the coming weeks. Campbell has been more realistic about it, while not ruling it out.

"Yeah, I think there’s a chance, “I think there’s – Lazarus has a chance. I think he does. He’s improved – both of those guys have, but C.J., man, he’s kicked it into overdrive. And he is, he’s healed quick and is healing quick. And most of it’s going to be about is he – is his body ready for that? Will he be able to do it without re-injuring and is it stable, strong enough?" And I know this, he’s taken off, but we’ll see. Probably the same timeline (as Houston) if there is a chance, it’d be late December, January probably.”

So if Gardner-Johnson or Houston are able to return, it won't be for a little while yet (as expected). And Ragnow may miss one more game, but that will become clearer over the course of the week.


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