Detroit Lions improve across the board in 2024 NFLPA survey

In this year's NFLPA survey, the Detroit Lions improved across the board compared to 2023.

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There's no doubt the Detroit Lions are in a better place then they were 4-5 years, with a head coach, a general manager and even a principal owner who are well-regarded.

On Wednesday morning, the NFLPA released their 2024 grades for all 32 teams in a wide range of categories. Here's a look at the Lions grades in those categories and their league-wide ranking.

  • Overall: 13th
  • Treatment of families: B (8th)
  • Food service/cafeteria: C (19th)
  • Nutrition/Dietician: C+ (25th)
  • Weight room: B+ (12th)
  • Strength coach: A- (13th)
  • Training room: B (13th)
  • Training staff: B (12th)
  • Locker room: B- (13th)
  • Team travel: B (8th)
  • Head coach: A+ (3rd)
  • Ownership: B- (21st)

For comparison sake, here's a look at last year's grades.

  • Overall: 15th
  • Treatment of families: B (t-12th)
  • Food service/nutrition: D- (28th)
  • Weight room: B+ (t-13th)
  • Strength coach: A- (t-17th)
  • Training room: D+ (t-24th)
  • Training staff: B+ (t-22nd)
  • Locker room: B (t-14th)
  • Team travel: A (t-4th)

Detroit Lions get some strong, surprising marks in NFLPA report card

Of particular note is the improved grade for the Lions' training room. Last offseason's hiring of Brett Fisher as the new Director of Player Health and Performance appears to have made a huge difference there.

From the Lions' report card:

"The Lions hired a new training staff this offseason, and the players noted in the responses that they could feel the improvement at the workplace and received significantly more individualized care this season compared to last season."

The food program appears to still be a thing, for one reason or another.

"The food program is another area that players noted improvement from last year, with players noting that the food tastes better and fresher. Despite the improvements, players responded that they still hope to see another jump going into next year, as food service remains the number one issue players would like to see upgraded."

Dan Campbell came in as the third-highest graded head coach overall, behind only Andy Reid and Kevin O'Connell but sharing an A+ grade.

Sheila Hamp got an 8.1/10 from Lions' players, a B- that came in 21st among all owners. Investment in facilities downgraded her in the eyes of the players.

"Club owner Sheila Ford Hamp receives a rating of 8.1/10 from Lions players when considering her willingness to invest in the facilities (21st overall)," explained the survey."


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