4 bold 2024 offseason predictions for Detroit Lions

Detroit goes all-in on the 2024 season.

Detroit Lions, Aidan Hutchinson
Detroit Lions, Aidan Hutchinson / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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4. A second-round trade up for an interior OL

Because Detroit was so close to the Super Bowl this past season, we're looking at a team that is going to be aggressive in getting back to that point once again. Their key needs are ones that Detroit can address in a big way if they want to. So, let's assume they want to.

With our logic, Detroit has already traded up in the first round to select a top pass rusher. Now, they trade up again, only in the second round. Currently, Detroit sits at no. 61. But, if they want to have the chance to draft one of two guys likely to go at the top of the second, they'll have to move up inside the top 45.

In order to do that, the Lions send no. 61, no. 92 (a 2024 third-round pick) and a 2025 fifth-round selection to move up and grab either Duke's Graham Barton or West Virginia's Zach Frazier. Both of these guys can play center, but the Lions would likely prefer them at guard.

Halapoulivaati Vaitai is a free agent, and because of his injury history, I do not see him coming back to Detroit. The Lions want a reliable upgrade at that position; one they can count on for years to come. Here, they get one in either Frazier or Barton.