The Lions are still not a viable landing spot for Odell Beckham Jr.

Despite it being easy to do, Odell Beckham Jr. and the Detroit Lions are not a good post-draft free agency match.
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With the draft now in the books, and the Detroit Lions not drafting a wide receiver at all, whether they should now look to add a veteran free agent is a viable question. It could even be considered important that they do so, with two undrafted free agents now standing as their most notable additions to the room this offseason.

With the departure of Josh Reynolds feeling imminent after the first wave of free agency, Christian D'Andrea of USA TODAY's For The Win named the Lions as the best landing spot for Odell Beckham Jr. That take was easy to dismiss and take down as unlikely.

In the days since the draft finished, Beckham is back being proposed as a fit for the Lions. Our own Ryan Heckman had him on a list of free agents the Lions "must" target. Maybe there's something to it?

"If the Lions wanted to try and make a risky move that might end up working out in a big way, signing veteran wideout Odell Beckham Jr. could be the route. He's still looking for the right opportunity after spending one season in Baltimore, and although he isn't the player he once was, Beckham showed flashes in 2023."

Nope, it's still hard to make that case, even noted as a "risky move". Beckham just doesn't come off as a Dan Campbell-type of player, and he likely fancies himself as more than a replacement for someone of Reynolds' ilk.

Idea of Odell Beckham Jr. to the Lions just can't be let go of for some reason

Beckham is of course on just about any list you can find of the best available free agents after the draft. In that vein, Gregg Rosenthal of NFL Network/NFL Media was concise in naming the Lions as a fit.

"OBJ profiles as a 500 snap role player, “The Steelers and Lions stand out as two teams that could use outside wideout help to round out their groups.”

Beckham's overall numbers with the Baltimore Ravens last season weren't great (35 receptions for 565 yards and three touchdowns over 14 games). But did average a career-best 16.1 yards per catch, and his overall grade from Pro Football Focus (75.4) was tied for 32nd among qualified wide receivers with DeVonta Smith and Kalif Raymond. His run blocking grade was dismal (44.8) though, and it's become clear a wide receiver who can't block can't really play for the Lions.

A closer look at his week-by week run blocking grades from PFF does show a couple particularly bad weeks that drag down the rest.

So maybe Beckham is a good fit for the Lions, and he'd embrace a role on a Super Bowl contender like he did last year in Baltimore.

Nope, still can't talk me into it.


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