Detroit Lions 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Shoring up needs the NFC Championship Game exposed

On to the offseason, we go.

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One area the Lions actually struggled in during the regular season was in getting after the quarterback. It might sound strange or surprising, considering you've got Aidan Hutchinson on this defense. But, Detroit finished in the bottom half of the league with 41 sacks. For perspective, the league-high was 60 in Baltimore, while Carolina finished dead last at 27.

In the postseason, though, the Lions stepped it up and led the remaining four teams in sacks, with eight, after Sunday's games. Still, this is an area the Lions desperately need another playmaker to pair with Hutchinson. Detroit has a lot of good players up front, but finding another prolific type could transform this defense in a big way.

In the third round, the Lions take their shot on finding that guy with their second Penn State defender of the draft, Adisa Isaac. Now, Isaac's bread and butter comes against the run, and not rushing the passer. That will blend right in with the league's no. 2 run defense, from the get-go. However, Isaac does possess traits that could allow him to blossom as a pass rusher in the NFL.

His length and size cannot be coached, and the athleticism is certainly there. Refining his pass rush moves could go a long way matched with his natural ability, and Isaac could wind up giving the Lions what they need up front. This past season, Isaac finished with 7.5 sacks and 16.0 tackles for loss overall.