Detroit Lions 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Shoring up needs the NFC Championship Game exposed

On to the offseason, we go.
Detroit Lions, Jared Goff
Detroit Lions, Jared Goff / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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S. . 2. . Calen Bullock. player. Calen Bullock. 519. Calen Bullock.

The Lions may have a pair of starters at safety, but Kerby Joseph might stand to see some competition, quite frankly. He was pretty bad in coverage this past season but played much better the closer he was to the line of scrimmage.

In the second round, the Lions go after another stud defensive back in USC's Calen Bullock, giving Joseph a little fire beneath him. Bullock has tremendous size, standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 190 pounds. Although, he could stand to add a bit more strength for a guy his size.

The real positive with Bullock is the fact that he uses his length to his advantage in coverage. He would already come in likely a better cover safety than Joseph, which would make for an interesting camp battle. And, although Joseph is great against the run, Bullock is equally impressive.

He's a physical tackler and doesn't shy away from contact. Bullock loves helping out against the run, even in the open field. He isn't afraid of laying the wood -- again, a perfect style for Campbell's locker room.