David Montgomery explains why he now sees Lions as 'the real deal'

Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery discussed being on the other side of the rivalry with the Chicago Bears, and revealed his impressions of both teams prior to their first matchup of 2023.
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The Detroit Lions added David Montgomery in free agency in March. As a pivot from Jamaal Williams and a destination for the former Chicago Bear, it was a surprise to many.

On Wednesday, Montgomery was asked his impressions of the Lions from afar and up close as his first game against his former team approaches. As he said, the franchise has done an about-face from when he broke into the league.

"My first two years in the league, it was stat games for me when I saw Detroit, Just me being honest. Me circling the calendar of when I would play Detroit. But last year, it was just a whole different story. I'm like 'maybe it was a fluke,' and then they did it to us again the second time. I'm like 'alright, maybe they're the real deal' and then I got over here I'm like, 'oh yeah, this is the real deal.' I'm just happy to be a part of it really."

While Montgomery said he is approaching this week's contest against the Bears as another game, it seems obvious he will want to find another gear. It's clear how much he appreciates being with his new squad.

David Montgomery praises Chicago Bears' efforts on defense

In spite of a 3-7 record and a generally woeful offense, Chicago's run defense has excelled, only allowing 3.2 yards per-carry with the second-best run defense in the league (76 yards per game).

As Montgomery explained, that's a testament to the work of Matt Eberflus.

"They're a really good scheme, really good defense. I know their principles. Coach (Matt) Eberflus does a great job of making sure those guys understand effort, and that's one of their core principles. They live by that and you can see it on film. Their record may not say it, but when you turn on the film and you watch how they play, you know this is not going to be an easy team that we play. It's going to be a dog fight and it's good to see where we'll be at. We're ready for the challenge."

Now on the other side of the rivalry, Montgomery will look to use his talents to beat his former team.

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