Dan Campbell gives the expected answer to idea of resting players for the playoffs

On the idea of the resting players for the playoffs, Lions head coach Dan Campbell gave the answer you would expect him to give.
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The Detroit Lions didn't quite clinch a playoff spot on Monday night, but they can take care of that business (and win the NFC North) by beating the Minnesota Vikings on Christmas Eve. With the Philadelphia Eagles' loss Monday night, the No. 2 seed is more in play for the Lions than it was before.

Having a playoff spot and the division title wrapped up as soon as this weekend invites the Lions will rest starters. Even a little bit, in games that may not mean anything to anything by that point. As long as the No. 2 seed is possible, players won't be rested in say, Week 18 against the Vikings.

During his press conference on Monday, before the potential playoff-clinching scenario that didn't come to fruition later, head coach Dan Campbell reiterated the initial goal for this season.

"We came into this (year) saying we’ve got to win this division,” Campbell said. “That’s the goal, and that’s where it is. If something happens between now and then, hey that’s all good, but that is our focus. We talked about that this morning as a team. That was the focus when we entered it and that is still the focus.”

Campbell was also asked about his philosophy on resting players, should that prove to be practical to consider. His answer should not shock you.

"Yeah, when we’re done with the season, they’re going to rest. I promise you that,” Campbell said. They’re going to get plenty of time off.”

Dan Campbell answers the question about resting players as Dan Campbell surely would

That resting players for the playoffs is even a conversation is certainly something new for the Lions. Campbell did not go all the way to say that key players who are battling injuries would not have their playing time scaled back in games that may not mean anything.

As a player, Campbell was someone who was promised nothing and rest was not an option. It's why he has such appreciation for players who can be labeled as "grinders", and it's the mentality his team has. Rest? That will come when the season is over.


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