Dan Campbell adds to list of memorable quotes when talking about his fourth quarter aggressiveness

Dan Campbell is quote machine, and the Lions head coach did not disappoint during his radio interview on Tuesday morning.
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Whenever Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell speaks, at a postgame podium, heading into the locker room for halftime, during an interview on radio or television, it's possible he'll say something memorable. It could be considered likely even, since he wears his emotions fully on his sleeve.

Campbell's aggressiveness on fourth down is well-chronicled by this point, and the best version of that aggression was on display last Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Lions went 4-for-5 on fourth downs against the Chargers, including a 4th-and-2 conversion that extended the final drive and allowed the rest of the clock to be drained before the game-winning field goal.

Being aggressive in moments like that is not for a coach who's at all faint of heart, and Campbell has certainly shown he's not afraid when the stakes are high for a good team now. The fait he has in his players is now backed by the feel he has for situations.

Dan Campbell shares advice for Lions fans about 4th down risks

Campbell made his usual appearance on 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday morning. He has naturally asked about that final decision to go for it on fourth down, and if it was rooted in the Lions' defensive struggles in the game (via SI.com).

"Things always happen in a game that's going to affect your decisions. It just does. But I had a feeling going into that game we needed to be aggressive. And I loved our matchup offensively. And I just knew our guys would respond,"

Then came the punch line.

"Certainly in that moment it felt like the right thing to do. And look, here’s what I would say, because I tell my family this, 'Just wear a diaper before some of these games.' I’ll give them an alert and say, 'Put them on and be ready to roll.'"

In a way only he would, Campbell passed the advice he gives his family about his fourth down risk-taking to Lions' fans. Seems like it's time to trade the blue ski masks from earlier in the season for a different piece of clothing.

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