Dan Campbell, Aaron Glenn reveal keys to Lions slowing down Patrick Mahomes

The Lions have a tall task to try and slow down Patrick Mahomes, but Dan Campbell and Aaron Glenn revealed a bit of the game plan to try and make it happen.
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The Detroit Lions will be the first team to take on the challenge of defending Patrick Mahomes this season, and the gravity of that is clear ahead of Week 1.

Dan Campbell understands shutting down Mahomes is tough, but he also knows there's a way for the Lions to get it don

Speaking to the media last Friday, Campbell was asked about the strategy the team will employ with Mahomes. As he explained, the Lions will look to put Mahomes on his heels.

"Make him go backwards. And never turn around where he can throw back (the other way). That would be about the best way to sum it up. Look, this guy's tough. That's the easy answer to all this. He's a highly-competitive, highly-instinctive, aware player. He is the engine in this offense. Everything runs through him. He makes it go. It's tough, but there's a way to limit what they do a little bit and it's going to take every one of us over there defensively. You got to play your keys, do your job. When the play breaks down, we got to stay alive and you may have to stay alive for six, seven seconds."

Dan Campbell

Obviously, that's easier said than done, but it shows that the team knows they have a chance to have success against Mahomes and his weaponry if they are able to follow the plan as closely as possible.

Aaron Glenn: Lions must cover longer to corral Patrick Mahomes

As a former defensive back, Glenn understands the challenge Mahomes will present. But that doesn't mean it's an impossible challenge.

Glenn himself explained to the media how staying strong on the back end and pressuring the pocket will give them a better chance of defending Mahomes.

"The tough thing is, they make a two second play end up being a four or five second play. For any defensive back, that's hard to do. To cover for that long. Our guys just have to be ready for that. And it is what it is. But it also goes to our defensive line making sure we corral this quarterback, keep him in the pocket, don't let him get out. Is he going to get out and do it? Yes. He's a special player. We just have to do the best we can to corral him and make sure we don't allow those two second plays to become four and five second plays."

Aaron Glenn

Containing Mahomes will be a collaborative effort. The more Detroit can make Mahomes uncomfortable , the better off they will be.

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