Colin Cowherd explains why Lions have brightest future in NFC North

The Detroit Lions have enjoyed a strong first half of the 2023 season, and Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd believes the team is also set up to do damage well into the future.
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The Detroit Lions have one of the top records in the NFL, and seem poised to make noise down the stretch and into the playoffs.

A major talking point has become whether the Lions are a legitimate contender, but in looking at their situation, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd sees Detroit as a threat for the foreseeable future in the NFC North.

Speaking on "The Herd" after the big win over the Las Vegas Raiders, Cowherd explained how the Lions are set up to be a force for the foreseeable future.

"Get used to saying this. Detroit Lions, NFC North champs. Detroit Lions, playoff team. Detroit Lions' vision, best in the division. Roster? Best in the division. Easily. Green Bay doesn't have their future quarterback. Minnesota, now that Kirk Cousins is hurt, they don't either. My guess is Chicago doesn't either. The Lions do. From general manager, quarterback, edge rusher, coordinators, offensive line, weapons, they're really good. There's nothing about the Lions I don't like except for their history."

While Cowherd admitted he might give the edge to other NFC teams in terms of serious playoff viability, his commentary shows how quickly the narrative has shifted about the Lions.

Colin Cowherd praises Detroit Lions' ability to build

Why does Cowherd think the Lions have a bright future? It's because of how the franchise managed to pair the right general manager, coach and quarterback together.

With Brad Holmes, Dan Campbell and Jared Goff, Cowherd believes the Lions have the right big three in place to sustain their success. As he explained, the reason has everything to do with this group being in lock-step:

"One, two and three all pulling in the same direction. Brad Holmes? Stud. For years, look at the guys he drafted while with the Rams. Jared Goff got to a Super Bowl. I've seen him out-duel (Patrick) Mahomes. Jared's really good. Dan Campbell, got a plan. Tough guy. Physicality. Players love him. Bill Parcells for years has backed him. It's amazing what happens when you're all pulling together in any business."

With a solid foundation and some instability in the NFC North, the Lions look poised to take advantage of their situation for a while. Cowherd is not the only one who would say that, but he went all-in using his prominent platform to put it out there.

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