Brad Holmes says the obvious thing about possibly trading out of first round

Brad Holmes addressed the elephant in the room for Lions fans regarding the first round of the draft.
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With the Detroit hosting the 2024 NFL Draft, plenty of Lions' fans have committed to the flimsy idea that they won't trade out of the first round sheerly to appease local fans who will be in attendance. It feels obvious to say that's nothing to base draft strategy on, but there's no convincing some people with that simple rationale.

What we do know is general manager Brad Holmes will let the draft board come to him, do whatever makes sense to him and the odds are pretty good it will turn out well. That could be a trade up from pick No. 29, standing pat and taking the proverbial best player available or trading out of the first round entirely. What the fans assume or want will have no bearing on what's done, which is a harsh reality for a segment of fans to consider.

Holmes had his pre-draft press conference on Thursday morning. He was asked about the scenario where the Lions trade down.

Brad Holmes says the obvious about possibility Lions trade out of the first round

While Holmes wants fans to be happy, his overall sentiment about the idea of trading down and out of the first round is not a shock.

"Look, that's a fair question. It's something that, we have to do the right thing for the organization,” Holmes said. “If it makes sense and it lines up and it’s the right thing to do, then we have to do the right thing and so, say that happens, where the fans have been waiting there all night for this pick and we get an offer that we really can’t turn down, we’ve got to do the right thing. And hopefully our fans will forgive us. We won’t expect immediate forgiveness right then and there, but hopefully when the season starts and that player selected is out there, we can get past that. I totally understand that.”

So there you have it. The Lions will do what they think is the right thing in the draft; trade up, trade down or stand pat. Nothing is off the table or out of the realm of possibility. Including trading completely out of the first round, and eliciting boos from Lions' fans in attendance who waited a long time on the first night of the draft only to see them not make a pick.

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