'Best trade chip' for the Detroit Lions feels like a massive reach

The Detroit Lions could trade someone between now and Week 1, but the player that has been tabbed as their best trade chip is a reach.

The Detroit Lions are in as strong a position as any team in the NFL right now, with a roster stocked with talent and looking built to last as a top contender. That may also create a surplus of talent, and players who don't have a place on the depth chart that befits what they're capable of contributing. Having credible depth is of course nice protection in case of injuries, which are an inherent evil in football.

Going into it, we outlined some Lions players who could be traded during "draft season." It's fair to say "draft season" is behind us now, but trades can still happen as teams take accounting of their rosters. Of course injuries can change the equation during training camp and preseason games.

A couple days after the draft, Russell Baxter of FanSided offered up a best trade chip for all 32 teams over the rest of the offseason.

So who was deemed the best trade chip for the Lions?

Lions' best trade chip over rest of offseason feels like a stretch

Baxter had running back David Montgomery as the best trade chip for the Lions. The core of the idea is Jahmyr Gibbs being in line for a bigger workload in 2024, which makes sense.

Here's Baxter's case for Montgomery as a trade chip.

"Is Gibbs capable of a bigger workload? That theory could be tested if other teams have an interest in Montgomery. There’s plenty to like about the fifth-year running back. He’s totaled at least 200 carries and no less than 800 yards rushing in each of his five NFL campaigns."

"The trade market for running backs hasn’t been very big in recent years. That doesn’t mean that the former Iowa State performer wouldn’t have a market. The Lions may be willing to deal an underrated and productive player."

Another, obviously key, part of Baxter's premise is other teams having interest in Montgomery and the Lions then being compelled to move him. The first part is definitely possible between now and Week 1. But the Lions value both pieces of their running back duo very highly, and it's hard to envision them entertaining any trade interest in Montgomery that might come.


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