Another team had interest in acquiring D'Andre Swift during the draft

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The Detroit Lions declared D'Andre Swift available during April's draft, and another team has been named as one who had interest.

Some Detroit Lions fans wanted to deem it ridiculous, but some early indicators they were willing to trade running back D'Andre Swift came to fruition on Day 3 of April's draft. They fully declared him available by taking Jahmyr Gibbs No. 12 overall, giving away all their trade leverage as a result.

Swift was of course sent to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2025 fourth-round pick and a 2023 seventh-round pick that became wide receiver Antoine Green. The Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams were respectively in and out on acquiring Swift, according to reports, but it's fair to assume more teams had some level of interest at what was sure to be a reasonable trade cost.

Another team named as one who had interest in trading for D'Andre Swift

The Miami Dolphins are being heavily tied to Dalvin Cook, as his time with the Minnesota Vikings seems to be nearing the end. Within his report about the Dolphins' possible interest in Cook, ESPN's Marcel Louis-Jacques had this about their interest in Swift.

"Sources told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that Miami inquired about running back D’Andre Swift after the Detroit Lions selected Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round of last month’s NFL draft."

So, as expected and obvious, the Lions drafting Gibbs was a smoke signal to any teams who might be looking to add a running back that Swift was available. The level or progression of Miami's interest is not clear. If they made an offer, it may not have been even as good as the one Brad Holmes took from Philadelphia. Or maybe the ship had sailed with the Eagles toward the completion of that deal already, and the Dolphins were too late with their inquiry.

It's all "what if?" at this point regarding what other teams were interested in acquiring Swift from the Lions. But as the Dolphins seem to be making a big pivot toward Cook, if/when he becomes available, it is a bit interesting that they had Swift on their radar.

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