An early breakdown of Jared Goff's new contract with the Lions

The most specific details are still to come, but we do have some early details of Jared Goff's new contract.
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Right after ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the Detroit Lions and Jared Goff had agreed to a four-year, $212 million contract extension with $170 million guaranteed, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported the final year of the extension (2028) is an option.

So it's important to wait for all the details of big contracts like this one to come out. If that $170 million holds up to scrutiny, it's the sixth-most among total guaranteed among quarterbacks. The $53 million per year average makes Goff the second-highest paid quarterback in the league.

The finest details of Goff's new contract are not out just yet. But Albert Breer of reported some details of the deal on Tuesday

Early details of Jared Goff's new contract with the Lions

Breer went a little deeper in his notes column for Tuesday, lacing this year (the final year of his now-previous deal) in at points.

"Goff gets a $73 million signing bonus (paid out in installments). He’s due $125 million over the first two years of the deal, and $165 million over its first three years. The structure, via rolling guarantees, would make it tough for Detroit to bail over the first four years of the contract. The fifth year, with $57 million all-in, is a true option year, with no guaranteed money (even eliminating that, the contract is more than $51 million per year in new money)."

That's a lot of guaranteed money for Goff, as expected based on the initial reports. The $73 million signing bonus accounts for a big chunk of that, also as expected. It's unclear if the $165 million Breer reported through the first three years of the deal is fully guaranteed (at signing or otherwise), but it falls a little short of the $170 million guaranteed Schefter reported (as expected).

The option for 2028 that Pelissero first reported and Breer put the $57 million number on, presumably has a specific vesting date (ex: "third day of the league year"). It also takes the total value of the deal to it's initially reported $212 million, and actually a little over adding up the raw numbers Breer reported.

As Jason Fitzgerald of Over The Cap noted, that $73 million signing bonus looks to be the largest in the league, just edging out the $72.5 million Lamar Jackson got in his deal last year.

In terms of the salary cap impact for the Lions, that $73 million signing bonus would be spread over the life of the deal with a void year likely tacked on. It's fair to assume Goff's $32.3 million cap number for this year will be impacted (i.e. lowered) by the extension.

Again, we should know the more specific details of Goff's new contract soon. But Breer's report provides a solid jumping off point to an eventual full breakdown of the deal.

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