Amik Robertson has strong message for anyone who wants to dismiss him

Amik Robertson has had enough of any talk that he's not going to be a prominent part of the Lions' secondary.
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Not coincidentally in line with a coaching change, Amik Roberton became a prominent player in the Las Vegas Raiders' secondary over his last two seasons there. He started 12 games last year, primarily playing outside corner after splitting time between outside and the slot in 2022.

The Lions signed Robertson during the first week of free agency in March, as they started to rebuild their cornerback depth chart. He quickly professed what he's bringing to his new team, which was backed up by words from Raiders' head coach Antonio Pierce late last season.

"He’s probably one of the more physical DBs....", Pierce said. "You always see him punch the ball, coming through making tackles. I don’t want to call it the little man complex, but he walks around like he’s 6-2, 220 sometimes, and he’s fearless. He’s a smart football player. He has confidence, and I’m glad he’s finally having success on the field."

Lions head coach Dan Campbell had similar words about Robertson (via

"The first thing was his competitiveness," Campbell said. "You just said it, I don't care if he's inside or outside, the guy competes. He is a feisty, competitive, challenging corner who has versatility to play in and out. That's always going to appeal to us."

Amik Robertson posts message to any doubters there may be

The Lions will have good competition for starting jobs and roles in the secondary during training camp. It has apparently become a thing to dismiss Robertson as a merely a "depth player", with no chance to earn a prominent role. In any case, however much of that sentiment there truly is (a few people in social media mentions may be enough to stir a reaction), Robertson has had enough of it.

"Dawg, yall need to bury this depth player shi. Lol. stop playing with me .. yall gone see tho. Keep that same energy."

The range of outcomes for the amount of playing time Robertson sees this season is wide, anywhere from a starter to a true "depth player" who falls by the wayside barring injuries. But he's done with any of the sentiment pointing to the negative end of that, as expected.

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