Aidan Hutchinson believes the Lions have earned all the hype around them

Aidan Hutchinson is clearly all-in on what his team can do this year.
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At the Pro Bowl Games back in February, Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson talked about his own evolution as he looked toward his third season.

"I feel like I took so many strides this year, and I'm just looking for", Hutchison told Dannie Rogers of at the Pro Bowl Games. "I think there's still so many levels to unlock. I never put limitations on myself or my ability or this team. So, the sky will always be the limit." 

At the recent Rocket Mortgage Classic PGA Tour event in Detroit. Brad Galli of WXYZ-TV asked Hutchinson "Is this the year?" for the Lions.

"I feel like it's the year,” Hutchinson said. “With every fiber of my body, I feel like it’s the year. Honestly, from this year on, every year is the year. With the guys that we have, I hope that we’re going to sustain the success for a long time."

Aidan Hutchinson is all-in on the Lions this year, as expected

At the AREA 313 Celebrity Scramble attached to the Rocket Mortgage Classic, Hutchinson spent time with Lions' Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson. He talked to ESPN's Eric Woodyard about that.

"Honestly, just him being around the facility now these days and I feel like him showing his face and him having that gold jacket, he's such a legend, man," Hutchinson told ESPN. "He doesn't have to say much for you to be inspired by him."

After reaching the NFC Championship Game last year, the Lions are among the top favorites to win the Super Bowl this year. It's no surprise that Hutchinson is all-in on the hype.

"It's unreal. There's a lot of hype coming into this year, but I think it's well-deserved hype," Hutchinson said. "I think a lot more guys on our team understand what this year is, and we understand what we got and we're all ready."

This season is set to be a big one for Hutchinson personally, and (not that he'd say anything different) he's all-in on what the Lions can do as a group.


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