Adam Schefter predicts both Lions coordinators to generate significant head coaching interest

The Detroit Lions could lose a pair of assistant coaches after the season, with Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn set to generate some major interest on the head coaching market.

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When a team is successful, other teams want to hire their assistant coaches. The Detroit Lions are now one of those teams. Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is easily going to be in-demand for head coaching interviews again after this season, and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has gotten head coaching interviews in each of the last two offseasons.

On "The Pat McAfee Show" Monday, ESPN insider Adam Schefter discussed impending hot names for the head coaching coaching market. He pointed to Johnson and Glenn.

"I think the first names that are going to come off a lot of people's lists will be Ben Johnson and Brian Johnson (of the Philadelphia Eagles). I think those are going to be the two guys that get a ton of interviews. I could see Aaron Glenn in Detroit getting a ton of interviews, Dan Quinn in Dallas, Cowboys defensive coordinator."

Johnson decided not to take a second interview with the Carolina Panthers last year and stayed with the Lions (that's what we call a good career decision). Glenn made it to the second round of interviews with the Indianapolis Colts last year, but did not land the job.

It's a matter of time before Johnson and Glenn take an opportunity to be a head coach. That time could be after this season is over for the Lions.

Detroit Lions: Who could replace Ben Johnson (or Aaron Glenn) if they leave for a head coaching job?

If the Lions were to lose either Johnson or Glenn, they would of course be faced with replacing them. There's a segment of Lions fans who probably wouldn't mind seeing Glenn go, but he's well-regarded as a leader. There's also a segment of fans that want to talk themselves into Johnson staying longer than he probably will.

Justin Rogers of the Detroit News offered a candidate to replace Johnson if he left for a head coaching job after the season. Now-former Panthers' head coach Frank Reich.

Reich has experience as an offensive coordinator, calling plays for the Los Angeles Chargers from 2014-2015 and the Philadelphia Eagles from 2016-2017. If the Lions opted to go with an in-house hire, they could look to passing game coordinator Tanner Engstrand, running back coach Scottie Montgomery or wide receiver coach Antwaan Randle El.

Regardless, the Lions' coordinators will surely both get multiple head coaching interviews again in the upcoming hiring cycle. The question is if one or both of them will have the chance, or want to take the opportunity, to leave.

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